The whole is greater than the sum of the parts
— Aristotle

Red Brick Solution is an Architecture and Engineering firm founded in Utah with offices in Salt Lake City, Utah and Apple Valley, California. Our company size and structure ensure an innovative solution to support your vision and your organization. We bring a sense of urgency, a higher mindset, and passion for creative yet practical solutions to every project. 

At Red Brick we see the strength in diversity. Red Brick Solution is committed to upholding our reputation for excellence, environmental leadership, budgetary responsibility, on-time delivery, and working as a great collaborative partner. Our team shares knowledge and ideas with one another, with clients, and within the communities we serve. We work hard and play harder.

Red Brick Solution provides relevant, creative, client-focused land development, MEP solutions, architectural, planning, and interior design services to a broad range of clientele locally and nationwide. At Red Brick Solution we invest in the development and well-being of our employees so they can lead their profession and never stop learning and growing.  



We stretch design boundaries daily, but always with a practical approach. Our team of experienced Civil Engineers consistently communicates with clients, agencies and the architectural team to ensure all considerations are incorporated from day one. This close cooperation translates into solutions that simply work better.

Our team of experienced Architects and designers approach each new challenge committed to creating a solution that not only meets the needs of the client and is well constructed but which also has an inherent beauty.  We are committed to finding the solution that is both innovative and pragmatic.


We provide quality comprehensive consulting and design solutions for the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems for most building types. We collaborate with the architecture team from the beginning of the design process to ensure the building systems are integrated into the building saving time and money.

Our commitment to our clients and our knowledge of the local regulatory approval processes, cost estimating, permitting and construction management makes us a great team. We manage the projects and coordinate architects, engineers, contractors and make sure the schedules and budgets are kept.