Our company size and structure ensure that you will have an innovative solution based on this wealth of knowledge to support your vision and your organization, bringing a sense of urgency, higher mindset, and passion for creative yet practical solutions to help you achieve your goals. 

Red Brick Civil (RBC) has the experience, knowledge, and resources to understand the effects of construction on the local environment that is critical in establishing an effective solution. The Company is based on the following principles:

In addition, RBC has teamed with our established partners to provide local, design, survey, and geotechnical support with more than 60 professionals available at any given time.  Our local and extended staff combined allows us to provide a comprehensive experienced team to address all aspects of the project in a very responsiveness manner.

Established Partners:

·  Antelope Valley Engineering, in Lancaster California,

·  TRLS Engineering, in Hesperia, California.

·  Merrell Johnson and Companies, in Barstow, California,

·  ALTEC Engineering, Apple Valley, California

·  Duke Engineering, Lancaster California

·  Bruin Engineering, Lancaster, California

·  SD Engineering, San Bernardino, California

·  York Drafting and Design, Tehachapi, California

·  Puchlick Design and Associates (PDA), Pasadena, California

As facilitators, we help the development group, investors, and agencies understand the value of each project such that they form common objectives through negotiation and strategic cooperation – all leading to a successful Solution.

Solutions are what differentiates Red Brick Civil from our competitors.   We make projects happen!