Architecture starts when you carefully put two bricks together.
— Ludwig Mies van der Rohe


At Red Brick Architecture design is a collaborative process.  This starts with the relationships between our team members.  We also value and encourage the contributions of clients, contractors, consultants and end users.  Collaboration begins at the earliest stages of a project with consistent, clear and open communication.   The end-result is a process that is more enjoyable and a project which is simply better and more meaningful for all involved.

The team at RBA is always looking for new design challenges and opportunities.  We approach each project with a fresh eye and an open mind.  We challenge ourselves to envision things that do not yet exist - to see things as they can be.  The common denominator of our design solutions is not a particular style but rather the quality of light and space, proportions and material. 

Every project must meet the needs of the client and the end users.  At the same time each project must respect the realities of the site, budget, climate and schedule.  We view the design process as extending beyond the traditional start and end points.  At RBA we work with our clients to define and refine their needs, their desires, and their vision for the project.  We quickly uncover and understand potential problems and challenges and we recognize opportunities and alternatives that may not yet have been considered.  With a thorough understanding of the project goals, RBA creates the solution that meets the needs and desires of our client.

Every RBA project is well constructed, durable and cost effective.  We see value in doing more with less.  At RBA we take a creative pragmatic approach.  The most innovative solutions take into consideration the efficiency of structure and systems, the thoughtful choices of materials, attention to details, cost and constructability.  Because we know how building are made, our projects look and perform better than the cost might suggest. 

Our team views architecture as a practical art.  At every step of the process we consider proportions, color, massing, light, space – showcasing the inherent beauty.  At RBA we are committed to the idea that our buildings need to do more than just function well and be well-built.  We believe our projects should captivate and inspire those who encounter the building.