It takes a village to raise a child.
It takes a team to build the village.
— Red Brick Solution

Innovation is the foundation of Red Brick Solution. Our team of creative designers and engineers are always looking for the best approach to a project. At the same time we find, the solution that will give our clients a competitive advantage in the market and avoid wasteful encumbrances.

Integration is the key to our success. By utilizing the experience and expertise of seasoned Architects and Engineers at the inception of each project and at every step we avoid the common iterative design process which allows us to identify and avoid conflicts before they happen.

Collaboration through effective communication is the hallmark of the success of Red Brick Solution. As successful business leaders, RBS brings people, organizations and resources together to complete each task and achieve the common goal. As facilitators, we help everyone involved - client, development group, investors and agencies - understand the inherent value of the project. Through negotiation and strategic cooperation, we help everyone identify common objectives leading to a successful solution.

Solutions are what differentiates Red Brick. We make projects happen.



Projects by Oscar Covarrubias at RTKL, CyberCon, and AECOM.